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New Tracks: Amanda Shires

Props for Amanda Shires’ latest release.

TBT: The Chills, “Pink Frost” & “Oncoming Day”

In the 80s, nowhere was more meticulous guitar-pop crafted than in the southern hemisphere, even in such far-flung places as Dunedin, New Zealand, and chief among Dunedin’s progeny were The Chills.

Live Nada Surf: New Tracks

New York’s Nada Surf release a new live album, entitled Peaceful Ghosts (Live with the Babelsberg Film Orchestra), on Oct 28th, via Barsuk Records. To celebrate, the group has shared the video for “Out Of the Dark,” whose original recording originally appeared on “You Know Who You Are,” their most recent studio work.

Rob Townsend, “Feel That Way”: New Tracks

Rob Townsend doesn’t want you to call him a singer-songwriter because that bums him out. And while his songs do have a bit of a troubadour vibe, the music itself is much more expansive, with ample R&B and soul influence.

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Pearl Jam, Columbia, 2016

Part 2 In The Ticket Stub Project:

The Ticket Stub Project: Pearl Jam, Barclays Center, 2013

This is what happens if you unwittingly purchase counterfeit tickets and try to gain entry to the (relatively new) Barclays Center to see Pearl Jam in 2013: security sends you inside the venue, to the ticket office, where officials confiscate your tickets, after stamping VOID all over them. Let’s start at the beginning.

The Ticket Stub Project: Dave Matthews Band, Charlottesville, 2001

It happened like this: The Dave Matthews Band returned to Charlottesville to play a benefit show at the University of Virginia’s newly renovated Scott Stadium. It was the first time that the band had played in their hometown in years. Also, Neil Young was there.

New Series: Your Band Name Here

Today we inaugurate a new series entitled “This Could Be Your Band,” a weekly list of five suggested band names culled from the depths of our staff’s collective unconscious. So, if you awoke this morning seeking inspiration for what to call your nine-piece-punk-Klezmer project, have at it.

Album Review: Lori McKenna’s “The Bird & The Rifle”

Massachusetts singer-songwriter Lori McKenna is one of America’s most gifted storytellers, and her most recent record, “The Bird & the Rifle,” continues to stack up critical acclaim. We offer our take, alongside some video and song.

The Ticket Stub Project: Ryan Adams’ “Demolition” Tour, 2002

I’ve kept dozens of ticket stubs from concerts and sporting events since the mid-1990s. I’m going to try a little exercise—scanning some of these ticket stubs, then posting the images of the scanned tickets along with my memories—starting with Ryan Adams at the 9:30 Club, October 3rd, 2002.

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Spectrasonics Releases Keyscape

On September 12 Spectrasonics will release Keyscape, their new virtual-instrument billed as including the largest selection of collector keyboards in the world. And it looks pretty cool.

Gear Tales: Modest Mouse’s Jim Fairchild

If you’re a guitarist, and you’ve never seen the “Rig Rundown” series from Premier Guitar, stop what you’re doing, watch the video below, and consider it an introduction. To get your weekend started, here’s their recent interview with Modest Mouse’s Jim Fairchild. Enjoy.

R.I.P Rudy Van Gelder

He was one of the all-time greats. Jazz aficionados, producers, audio engineers the world over mourn the passing of Rudy Van Gelder, one of the most progressive and innovative engineers in history, a man who once claimed to be “associated with more records, technically, than anybody else in the history of the record business.”

Sylvia Massy Interview: Recording Unhinged

Producer, engineer, mixer and author Sylvia Massy has carved something of a niche in the industry as a lover of unusual techniques that go beyond the ordinary realms of production. She recently released ”Recording Unhinged: Creative and Unconventional Recording Techniques,” a book which dares engineers to “unlearn” safe record-making. Included: How to mic a chicken.