My favorite version of the Hip’s “Grace, Too” comes from 1996’s Live Between Us, where it occupies pride-of-place as the show’s opener—a spot for which it seems to me eminently suited. The song’s lyrics, as songwriter Justin Rutledge notes (below), are both sinister and confrontational, which makes his down-tempo rendition, with its nearly-whispered vocals and delicate pedal-steel, as haunting as it is beautiful.

from the CBC:

Justin Rutledge released a Hip covers album in 2014, called Daredevil, so he’s got a head start on perfecting his take. It’s tough to choose a song from that album — which features tracks like “Courage,” “Fiddler’s Green” and “Long Time Running” — but “Grace, Too,” is so haunting that it couldn’t be left behind. In a story we published when the album was released, Rutledge explained his attraction to it:



“It’s such a creepy song and it’s always confused me. As Canadians, how does a song like that, and I mean this with all respect, but it’s a dark song, it’s very creepy, it’s really enigmatic, but it’s one of the biggest Canadian songs of all time. Another difficult one to do. The version we do is almost like a duet, with myself and Julie Fader, who sings with me on the whole album. It’s a conversational song between a man and woman who are in this strange dark place. Having Julie helped me understand that more.”