The alternative scene is brimming these days with female electro-pop artists, each proffering lithe, danceable tunes with crisp beats, gentle synth textures, and airy melodies. The lyrics are earnest and pithy, alternately vulnerable and defiant. And while most songs in this milieu are no more repetitive or reductive than those in other genres, it does often seem challenging to locate the gold among the dross. Enter Los Angeles singer-songwriter Jen Hirsh, who records under the name Monogem.

Monogem’s tunes inhabit the same effusive, hook-laden electro-pop territory as Lorde and Lana del Rey, or Chvrches and Sia—without the former’s conspicuous 80s vibe or the latter’s sonic mania. Yet there’s something quintessentially Los Angeles in Monogem’s sound, as well: an aftertaste of jazz and soul; a kind of slow-mo sex appeal; a redolence of breezy nights, warm boulevards, and post-club calm. 


Monogem’s 2015 self-titled debut EP was described by Interview Magazine as “heavy in electro-pop” but with “the richness of classic soul and jazz.” She toured heavily after its release, with performances at the Art Institute of Chicago, SXSW 2016, and a requisite stop at the Troubadour in West Hollywood. In April 2016 her single “Take It Slow” made Spotify’s Weekend Buzz playlist and charted #2 on HypeM’s Most Popular Tracks.

Monogem’s sophomore EP 100% dropped on May 19th. The tracks feature more elaborate production than her former work, with sophisticated vocals effects and a bevy of modular and analog synth textures (via producer, collaborator, and sound designer Peter Dyer). 

The first single from 100%, “Wild,” has been garnering a lot of airplay of late, so we feature here her latest release, “Gone.” Check it out.