What better way to establish your bona fides in the LA scene than name your band after a popular DJ from local radio tastemaker KCRW? That’s precisely what indie outfit Cherry Glazerr did (adding a final “r” to their moniker). And the gambit clearly paid off, as their boisterous blend of indie rock and noise pop has garnered considerable renown far beyond the southland.

The band formed in 2013 as a three-piece—Clementine Creevy, Hannah Uribe, and Sean Redman (guitar, drums, bass). After a year kicking around the SoCal scene, they released Haxel Princess, with the addition of Joel Jerome on percussion, in January, 2014, on Burger Records, and performed at SXSW.

Cherry Glazerr Live

Uribe left the band in 2015; Redman left in 2016. Creevy filled out the core creative time with Tabor Allen on drums and multi-instrumentalist Sasami Ashworth on synths, adding touring and session musicians as necessary.

The band dropped Apocalipstick (Secretly Canadian), their third proper studio album and major-label debut, this past January. Produced by industry veteran Joe Chiccarelli, with Carlos de la Garza, the release brought a more polished aesthetic to the band’s raucous garage-rock sound. 

We feature here the official video from the record’s first single, “Nuclear Bomb,” which depicts Creevy cavorting and making out with a sexy Rickenbacker 6-string that’s mysteriously come to life, thus dramatizing the unspoken fantasy of teenage guitarists everywhere. We won’t spoil the plot, but suffice it to say that things really get interesting when a floating, sentient snare drum shows up near the end. I don’t think this is NSFW, but use your own judgement. Enjoy.