Canadian David Spekter hails from Toronto and is a percussionist turned songwriter. Apparently, he didn’t play piano (or any other melodic or harmonic-based instrument) until early adulthood, but he’s since made up for the lost time of his juvenile days, penning over 200 songs annually in recent years.

Spekter has also written continually for the pop and dance majors—including Armada Music, Big Beat, Spinnin’ Records, Universal Music Group UK, Virgin UK, and Warner Music Australia. His portfolio includes includes compositions with heavy-hitters like Brian Lee, Hardwell, SEVN and Chris Gelbuda, and he’s published with PRMD Music—home of Avicii, Cazzette, and others.

In today’s uncertain industry climate, Spekter is also a case-study in effectively garnering social-media and streaming publicity: in 2015 and 2016 he racked up over 39,900,000 combined Spotify Streams and over 9,500,000 YouTube views. Not too shabby.

Here we feature “Mutual,” the lead single Spekter’s forthcoming 2017 EP. It’s heady electro-pop in an 80s vein, proffering bright synth stabs, a sultry beat, and Spekter’s languid, falsetto croon. Not a bad track for a little work-week uplift. Enjoy.