Sometimes ambiguous translations can be magically apropos. A case in point: on the “About” section of their Facebook page, Red Sleeping Beauty write simply “From Sweden with pop.” It’s a marvelous compendium of their aesthetic—like so many Scandinavian acts before them.

The group—singer Kristina Borg, singer/guitarist Niklas Angergård, guitarist Mikael Matsson (also of The Shermans), and bassist Carl-Johan Näsströmformed—formed in Stockholm in 1989. Their early work—two critically acclaimed albums and a series of singles and EP—provoked considerable buzz on the international indie-pop scene.

Red Sleeping Beauty Cover Art

Their debut EP, 1992’s Pop Sounds, was followed by four 7″s and their the first full-length, Bedroom. The band subsequently signed to the legendary Siesta Records to release their fifth single “Sick & Tired,” their second album Soundtrack, and a compilation of singles.

A band reunion 2015 to craft a single track led to their first new LP in nearly 20 years, Kristina, which was released this past June via Shelflife/Labrador. The album’s title honors band member Borg, who has struggled with breast cancer but is now in remission.


“We Are Magic,” the band’s first single since Borg’s illness, was mixed and mastered by Tomas Bodén (who also crafted “Running Out Of Love” from the band’s label-mates, dream-pop stalwarts The Radio Dept.). The song is anthemic synth-pop, reminiscent of mid-career Depeche Mode (sans the compulsory depression) melded with the buoyancy of Canada’s Stars; chirpy beats and arpeggiated blips complement the track’s lush pads, with Borg’s bell-like voice meandering above. You may want to dance. Enjoy.