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The Daily R.E.M.: Tori Amos

We’ll finish the work week with Tori Amos’ cover of the most famous R.E.M song, “Losing My Religion,” the track which catapulted the band from alternative-rock standouts to international stardom—a brooding folk song built on an austere mandolin riff which was perhaps 1991’s most unlikely radio hit.

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The Daily R.E.M.: Hem

Day three of our cover series: Here, Hem interprets “South Central Rain” from R.E.M.’s second album, 1984’s “Reckoning.” he song’s effortless, stately gait offers a marked contrast to the manic pace of R.E.M.’s original, but the track’s soaring chorus—the stuff of a thousand concert-hall sing-alongs—persists.

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The Daily R.E.M.: Ingrid Michaelson

It’s nigh impossible today to find an “indie” band—or any artist working at the intersection of rock, pop, and folk—that doesn’t explicitly or implicitly count R.E.M. as their progenitors. Selecting great tributes from among a legion of their covers is no easy task. Nonetheless, we’ll post a favorite each day at noontime this week, starting with Ingrid Michaelson’s looped, a cappella rendition of “Nightswimming.”

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The Daily Finn: Kasey Chambers

Crowded House’s “Better Be Home Soon” is an unlikely pop hit. Despite its beauty, the song is a ballad about betrayal and a stark enjoinder, from one lover to another, simply to come home—or else. Kasey Chambers’ acoustic version of the song was recorded for 2005’s Finn brothers tribute record “She Will Have Her Way,” and it’s proved one of the tune’s more durable cover versions.

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The Daily Finn: Boy & Bear

Australian indie collective Boy & Bear have enjoyed considerable success in recent years, especially “down under.” Their version of Crowded House’s “Fall At Your Feet,” recorded in 2010 for a Finn brothers tribute record, is a sparse, subdued affair but not one that wants for intensity.

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