Happy New Year from Dublin. Today, an exclusive: Boston collective and purveyors of electronic global fusion Trandcention release a new live video for their track “Serenity” and announce a comprehensive new web site (link above).


Formed five years ago at Berklee College of Music, Trandcention is a diverse group of young artists committed to a true amalgam of styles. Combining modern synthesis and sampling techniques with more traditional instrumentation, their songs reflect everything from Western classical and romantic idioms, blues, jazz, and rock, to Carnatic-inflected EDM.


Trandcention‘s members are based in Boston, New York City, and D.C. but hail from across the globe. They include musical director and cellist Julian Lenz (from Vermont), who is the band’s chief composer and technical impresario; singer, violinist, and composer Harini Srinivasa Raghavan (India), who also performs with the group RINI; and bassist Achal Murthy (Luxembourg).


Aleif Hamdan (Indonesia) provides guitar; pianist and synthesist JennHwan Wong (Malaysia) is a sought-after Boston-area session player—particularly for his jazz and gospel chops and ability to wrangle almost any sound from a Moog. Drummer Yogev Gabay (Israel) has toured globally with progressive and metal acts; saxophonist Billy Yeung comes from China; and engineer Garry Purohit (India) is involved in every live performance, studio recording, and mixing session. (A digression: as engineers and producers, we here at FS are ecstatic to see Trandcention including their production maestro as a full-fledged “band member.” Such gestures are long overdue in our industry. Rant concluded.)


Their sound is a compelling mashup—booming Taiko drums, soaring Indian ragas, ethereal ambient textures, and face-melting breakdowns. Styles both old and new are embraced and re-imagined, from Bach to Beat Antique.

Trandcention is currently wrapping up production on their debut full-length album. Make sure to follow them on your preferred social media outlets; links are below the videos. Also, if you sign up for the band’s newsletter, you will receive the entire new album for free in a high-quality download when it’s released. Go here.

Enjoy the vids, and best wishes for a great 2017.

Trandcention: “Serenity” (LIVE), filmed in Boston:

Trandcention: “The Prayer” (LIVE)

Trandcention: “Light Triangles” (LIVE)

Trandcention social media: